How to buy a Diamond


Cara Pfeiffer, Store Manager, Designer, Diamond Buyer


5 April 2017

Step 1: Buy a diamond just under the magic number.

Let me explain… Consider buying a diamond weighing 0.98ct or 0.99ct instead of 1.00ct.  Once a diamond weighs that magic number of 1.00ct the price goes up because the rarity of the diamond goes up! The same is true with 0.75ct, 0.50ct and 0.25ct. The 0.25ct increments are the magic numbers that make the price jump up a bit. Let the certified diamond experts at The Artful Eye Jewelers find you the most beautiful diamond for the best price!


Step 2: Don’t buy your diamond from the guy that drives the forklift! 

We all know what I’m talking about. It’s not romantic to say you picked up your sweetheart’s diamond pendant along with a pot roast on the next isle.  Let a certified diamond expert answer all of your important questions.

Step 3: Buy an un-certified stone.

Some diamonds have lab reports or lab certificates stating all of the details of that particular diamond.  This can add a few hundred dollars onto the cost of your stone.  At The Artful Eye Jewelers, our diamond experts, accurately grade each diamond for FREE!

When purchasing a diamond, or diamond jewelry, it is important to purchase from someone you trust. The friendly experts at The Artful Eye Jewelers will be at your beckon call to help you find that perfect diamond for that perfect person. Even if that person is yourself! We have many more money saving tips up our sleeve! Stop by to hear more about them.

how to buy a diamond

Inspecting diamonds in our local Prescott Arizona Store.

At The Artful Eye Jewelers, we are obsessive about quality. We look for the finest gemstones across the globe and follow the highest standards of workmanship. We inspect every piece of jewelry and makes sure it follows our strict internal standards of quality control.

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