by Sherrie Rabellino

The process of choosing a jeweler is, perhaps, not exactly what you might think. Sure, you can wander the mall or a department store and see a store that sells jewelry; but really choosing a jeweler requires a bit more thought and research. If you don’t know much about jewelry, then it’s imperative you get to know your jeweler!
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3 tips to finding a reputable and competent jeweler.
  1. Do you know who is working on your jewelry when you leave it for repair? Does it leave the store or even the city or state to be worked on? When is it coming back to you? The talented goldsmiths at the Artful Eye, Jewelry Design Center, do all designing, creating and repairing on premises in their state of the art jewelers’ workshop. You can communicate directly with the designer, gemologist, or jeweler.
  2. Is the staff well trained, knowledgeable and helpful? At the Artful Eye, you’ll find Award Winning Designers, a Graduate Gemologist, Certified Diamond Experts, and the most friendly and knowledgeable staff in the west.
  3. Does your jeweler have the integrity and experience you need? Dave and Sherrie, owners of the Artful Eye, have been hand-crafting beautiful jewelry for over 40 years. You can even bring in your old jewelry and let them create something new and beautiful using your old gold, diamonds or gemstones.


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